Rasoul Badaghi Severely Beaten in Rajaiee Shahr Prison

HRANA – On Friday, May 28th, Rajaiee Shahr prison authorities severely beat Rasoul Badaghi, a former officer of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) and a member of the Iranian Teacher’s Union, who is detained in Ward 6 of the prison.

Yesterday, Advar News reported that two prison guards, known by their aliases as Sheikh and Uncle Qasim, took Mr. Badaghi away from his cell and to an unknown location, handcuffed and bound him to a pole, and proceeded to severely beat him.  The reason behind this cowardly act is presumed to be Mr. Badaghi’s recent complaints about the prison’s appalling conditions and his unlawful treatment at the facility.
The inhumane behavior of the prison authorities in beating this imprisoned teacher caused other prisoners to protest. The other inmates noted that, as a political prisoner, Mr. Badaghi must not be subjected to such abusive behavior and protested the prison authorities’ behavior.
Unfortunately, the prison guards beating Mr. Badaghi responded to the prisoner’s protest by pushing and using profanities to disperse the prisoners.  They declared in disbelief: “Since he is a political prisoner, he must be subjected to more abuse and torture.”
Mr. Badaghi’s condition has deteriorated, and, in the aftermath of the beatings, his full recovery is in doubt.


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