Religious Persecution of Baha’i Gifted and Talented Students

HRANA – The Ministry of Education of Iran has implemented a new policy, which discriminates further against Bahá’í school students.

In the past, Bahá’í students were allowed to take the entrance exam for schools for gifted and talented students and in the cases of acceptance they would be denied admission based on their religion. Recently, the Ministry has added religion to the registration form for taking the entrance exams. The options include Muslim, Christian, Jew, and Zoroastrian, which deprives Bahá’í students right at the inception.

As it was reported previously in October 2009 Miss Shadan Shirazi of Tehran, despite occupying the first position in the female competition, was prevented from registering at Javan Research Institute, a school for gifted students, because of being a Bahá’í. Miss Shirazi attempted to take the exam again this year and due to the new policy was denied registration for the entrance exam. Similarly Miss Noura Sabet of Tehran has been unable to register for the exam.

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