Reza Shahabi is in critical health condition

HRANA News Agency- Reza Shahabi -labour activist- was transferred to clinic of Evin prison following his severe illness.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Reza Shahabi has been urgently transferred to health clinic of Evin prison on Monday 25th November for sever back pain and numbness in legs.


According to a trusted source of news, HARANA reports : “Reza Shahabi was not able to walk any more but was refusing to go to clinic in support of Esmail Barzegari who is in his 32th day of hunger strike and also protesting against failure to address Esmail Brzegari, Mohamad Jarahi and Shahrokh Zamani’s demands by prison officials. “


“After being taken to Evin clinic by other prisoners, he has been transferred back to ward 350 after only one sedative injected. “


This source of news also referred to the current situation of Reza Shahabi:” he is in a serious condition. He hardly can walk and if so has to bend over to be able to move. “


This source of information also said:” Saeed Matinpour, another prisoner with similar sever back problems has neither been referred to health clinic nor even had temporary release from prison.”

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