Security Forces Destroy Public Property in Urmia Bazaar

HRANA News Agency – Iranian security and anti riot forces have attacked an indoor market on Mosom Street and destroyed public property.Earlier, this bazaar had been closed because of demonstrations.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Iranian security and anti riot forces entered the indoor market on Mosom Street and intentionally destroyed public property while this bazaar had been shut down earlier, and there was no reason for the security forces to enter the grounds.

Another report indicates that detained demonstrators from today’s protests in Urmia have been taken to the Police Station #11 located at Modares Square, Peleh Dentention Center #9, and Intelligence Agency’s Detention Center on Imam Musa Sadr Alley.

Today, thousands of demonstrators poured into streets of Tabriz and Urmia to protest against Lake Urmia drying up. During the majority of these protests, clashes broke out when security forces interfered with the demonstrations and confronted the crowds.

Furthermore, Tehran is under tense military and security measures, and police forces have been present heavily in a number of main squares throughout the capital including Baharestan Square and streets around the Parliament.


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