Seven Women’s Rights Activists Arrested in Gilan Province

Seven Women's Rights Activists Detained in Gilan Province

On August 16, 2023, a total of seven women’s rights activists were apprehended individually in Rasht, Fuman, and Bandar Anzali, subsequently being transported to undisclosed locations. The detained individuals include Zahra Dadras, Zohreh Dadras, Negin Rezaie, Matin Yazdani, Frough Saminia, Jelveh Javaheri, and Yasamin Hashdari.

Zahra and Zohreh Dadras were taken into custody by security forces at their residence in Rasht. However, inquiries made by their family members regarding their condition have gone unanswered thus far. Moreover, Frough Saminia, Yasamin Hashdari, and Matin Yazdani, a photographer, have also been apprehended individually within the same city.

The exact motives behind their arrests, their current locations, as well as the nature of the charges against them, all remain undisclosed at present.

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