Several Detainees of Erfane Halghe Have Been Identified

HRANA News Agency – The identities of several other detainees from the 25 February 2015 incident – in which security forces and police crushed the Erfane Halgheh (Interuniversalism Mysticism) followers’ protest in front of the Islamic Revolutionary Court – have been revealed.

According to the report of HRANA quoting from the Human Rights Reporters’ Committee; Sajjad Kazemi, Hussein Karim Aghaee, Alireza Kimyaee, Hussein Parandeh, Majid Ali Madadi, Milad Khorasani and Hussein Moammar are among the detainees of the 25 February and there is no further news about their condition. Several other detainees of Wednesday incident have been released on bail.

According to the reports, after the news about the new hearing for Dr Mohammad Ali Taheri – the founder of Erfane Halghe- at the Branch 26 of Islamic Revolutionary Court, hundreds of his followers and activists of Erfane Halghe gathered in front of the Islamic Revolutionary court in his support. However, the peaceful protest turned into violence as protestors were attacked by security forces and plain cloth officers and several protestors have been arrested.

Based on the accounts given by the eye witnesses, security forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd and attacked protestors in front of the Islamic Revolutionary court with batons, punched, kicked them and many were also arrested.

During the last couple of months, supporters of Dr Mohammad Ali Taheri have been gathered several times in front of Evin Prison and Judiciary organisations and they have been attacked and arrested by the security forces.

Dr Mohammad Ali Taheri – the founder of Erfane Halgheh- has been several times arrested by the security and military forces of Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2010 he was arrested by Sepah Intelligence Services on the charge of acting against national security and later on 4 May 2011 on the charges of “Blasphemy, Apostasy, waging war, corruption on earth and insulting the profit”.

It is important to mention that back in 2011; Islamic Revolutionary Court sentenced Mohammad Ali Taheri to 5 years imprisonment, paying fine and 72 lashes. A while ago the media’s close to security forces announced that Mr Taheri has been sentenced to 6 year imprisonment. Fars News Agnecy – Close to Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution- also announced at the same time that his case is being reviewed for the charge of “Corruption on earth” and that the judicial system has been seeking advice from three supreme religion authorities (Marja Taghlid)  who have  confirmed Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Apostate crime  has been agreed upon .

According to Fars News Agency, 40 instructors of Erfane Halghe who held teaching sessions of “Erfane Halghe” have been arrested and 16 of them charged, prosecuted and sentenced. These 16 individuals were instructors (Master) of Erfane Halghe, who held teaching sessions after Mohammad Ali Taheri was arrested. They have been prosecuted based on the same charges and after the hearing these 16 individuals received a total of 37 years imprisonment and 130 Million Tomans fines.

Iranian Islamic government recently has been seriously fighting and confronting religions and mysticisms with contrary views to their Islamic traditional believes and many leaders and founders of such religions and mysticisms have been prosecuted.

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