Shapour Rashno’s Wife Had Abortion Because Of The Agents’ Violence

HRANA News Agency – Violent attack by the security forces to arrest Shapour Rashno, civil activist, caused his wife to have an abortion.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), violent attacks by the security forces on the morning of Spetember 15th to arrest Shapour Rashno, civil activist with the National Religious orientation, led his wife to have an abortion, while she was three months pregnant and lost her child because of the fear and stress caused by the security forces.

An informed source confirmed the news and told HRANA’s reporter that when the security forces stormed the house of Shapour Rashno, due to fear and stress caused by the influx of large numbers of security forces, his wife lost his son. After they left, she went to the hospital and was there for a few days because of the abortion.

His wife confirmed the news in an interview with HRANA’s reporter and while she was in difficult circumstances in terms of her mood and spirit, said that she had lost her baby and asked if there was someone to take the responsibility!

In the morning of 15th September, the security forces raided the homes of civil and labor activists in Andimeshk city, and arrested Shapour Rashno and a number of other civil and labor activists, including, “Ali Mohammad Jahangiri”, “Amir Rahimkhani”, and his mother and “Ali Nejati” of the Haft Tapeh syndicate.

Later on, Ezatollah Jafari, other national-religious civil activist who was not at home at the time of attack to his home, presented himself to the security forces.

Amir Rahimkhani and his mother were released a few days later.

It should be noted that it has been announced that these activists have been arrested by the intelligence agents of the Revolutionary Guards and their case will be handled by Branch 3 of the interrogation in Andimeshk city.

There is no information yet, regarding the reason of these extensive and concurrent arrests in Andimeshk.

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