Six of Oroumiyeh civil activists are still under arrest

HRANA News Agency – The reports say that except  6 activists among the arrested civil activists of Oroumiyeh the rest of them were released after a few hours of interrogating in Oroumiyeh intelligence office.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on June 27 Oroumiyeh intelligence agents arrested 36 activists while they were passing the Shahid Kalantari bridge to Sahand mountain slopes and transferred them to Oroumiyeh intelligence office. The intelligence agents interrogated the activists for few hours and after all except of 6 activists, the rest of them were released.
Somayyeh Alidousti the professor in physics faculty of Oroumiyeh university and captain of national women soccer team, Vahid Faezpour -Kiaksar- the weblogger, Gholam Gholizadeh, Meysam Azadi and Vahid Nasibi the civil activists and Morteza Zarrin are under arrest in Oroumiyeh Intelligence yet.
It is worth mentioning that these activists were goign to participate in a ceremony regards to June 26 the international day against torture and professor Zahtabi’s anniversary in Sahand mountain slopes.
The arrested activists were beaten by security forces in Shahid Kalantari police station that resulted injured ones and Somayyeh Alidoust’s condition reported critical.
Also the security forces transferred Paria Khalilzadeh the player of women national soccer team, Sevda Khalilzadeh, Masoomeh Parivazh, Zahra Zadghasem, Hossain Zadghasem, Tohid Hassani, Saied Lotfi, Saied Abdi, Nima Hassani, Sina Hassani, Erfan Moghadam, Sima Sakeni, Milad Koulani -Saboutai-, Babak Ghane’ -Bayek Arazli- the turkish Azerbayjani rap singer with 16 other to Oroumiyeh intelligence and after a few hours interrogation released them.

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