Hossein Hosseinpour Sentenced to Eleven Months in Prison

Hossein Hosseinpour, a resident of Mahabad, received an 11-month prison sentence after originally being sentenced to one year, following a plea of no contest. The verdict, based on charges of “spreading propaganda against the regime,” cites Instagram posts as evidence.

Arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in Shiraz in August 2023, Hosseinpour underwent the interrogation process in a detention facility before being transferred to Adelabad Prison. In January 2024, he was relocated to Prison No. 2 in Shiraz.

During the 2022 nationwide protests, Hosseinpour suffered injuries to his right eye from an airgun bullet fired by regime forces, undergoing four surgeries since then. Despite contracting an infection in his eye during detention, he has been denied access to necessary medical treatment.

In December 2023, he was indicted on charges of “spreading propaganda against the regime,” leading to the initial one-year sentence, later reduced to 11 months. The case highlights ongoing concerns about the treatment of individuals involved in the protests and their access to adequate medical care.