Multiple Individuals Arrested in Connection to Makki Grand Mosque Incident

According to Tasnim, a security-affiliated news agency, a number of individuals have been arrested in relation to the Makki Grand Mosque incident. These individuals are said to have been apprehended for their alleged involvement in uncovering a plot to poison Abdolhamid Ismaeelzah (aka Molavi Abdolhamid), the Zahedan Imam of Friday Prayer and spiritual leader for Iranian Sunnis.

They are facing legal actions for charges of “spreading falsehood and disturbing public opinion.” Recent reports from media outlets like Haal Vsh, which covers incidents of human rights violations in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, have highlighted that the security personnel at Makki Grand Mosque apprehended an individual who was allegedly commissioned by the IRGC to carry out a terrorist act involving the poisoning of Molavi Abdolhamid.

In response to this thwarted terror attempt, the provincial Chief Justice has called for the security personnel of Makki Grand Mosque to provide evidence supporting these allegations, otherwise facing legal consequences.
Consequently, security forces have arrested several individuals who are relatives or close associates of Molavi Abdolhamid, including his grandson, Abolnasir Shahbaksh, and a 23-year-old cameraman named Osameh Shahbaksh, who works at the Mosque. Both individuals’ residences have been searched by security forces.