Farhad and Farzad Tahazadeh Indicted for “Enmity against God” and “Spreading Corruption on Earth”

Brothers Farhad and Farzad Tahazadeh, arrested at recent nationwide protests, were indicted for “enmity against God (Moharebeh) ” and “spreading corruption on earth.” The case was delivered to the Urmia Revolutionary Court.

An informed source close to their family told HRANA that “a while ago, the Urmia Revolutionary and public prosecution office briefed Tahazadeh brothers about the charges of Moharebeh and spreading corruption on earth. After the indictment, the case was handed over to branch three of the Urmia Revolutionary Court.”

“Their lawyers, Masoud Shams-Nejad and Saleh Nikbakht, did not have any access to their client’s case until a few days ago,” the source added.

Tahazadeh brothers were arrested amid nationwide protests in Oshnavieh and jailed in Urmia Prison. It is still unknown which acts have been invoked as examples of these charges.

The charges of “enmity against God (Moharebeh) ” and “spreading corruption on earth” can result in severe punishment, even the death penalty.