Ali Akvani and Ebrahim Armish Detained Following Memorial Event in Izeh

On November 9, 2023, security forces arrested Ali Akvani and Ebrahim Armish in Izeh after they participated in the annual memorial for Kian Pirfalak and Milad Saeedianjoo.

As of now, the location of Akvani and Armish’s detention and the specific allegations against them remain unknown.

The 2022 protests in Izeh on November 16 resulted in the regrettable loss of at least seven lives, including Kian Pirfalak, who was fatally shot by regime forces. His father’s testimony indicates that security forces opened fire at their vehicle, leading to the devastating loss of his son.

On the same day, Milad Saeedianjoo, aged 26, was also shot dead by regime forces amid nationwide protests in Izeh. The circumstances surrounding the arrests and the ongoing developments in this situation are yet to be clarified.