The Graves of 5 Political Prisoners Executed on May 9, 2010 Are still Unknown

HRANA News Agency – On May 9, 2010, Farzad Kamangar, teacher and human rights activist, along with four other political prisoners named Ali Heydarian, Shirin Alam Holi, Farhad Vakili and Mehdi Eslamian were executed after a flawed judicial process, secretly and without the knowledge of their lawyers and families at the parking of Evin prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the execution verdict of Farzad Kamangar and four other prisoners among the unprecedented wave of domestically and internationally protests, was carried out while according to the documents, their judicial process was full of specific cases of rights violation including detention in contravention of the law, the long-term maintenance in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer during detention, physical and psychological torture against them especially in the case of three of them in detention centers of Sanandaj and Kermanshah, as well as numerous procedural violations, so that at least three of the defendants (Farzad Kamangar, Farhad Vakili and Ali Heydarian) were known as “Muhareb” and the death sentence was issued a for them without their chance of defense in a seven-minute-long court. Continue reading “The Graves of 5 Political Prisoners Executed on May 9, 2010 Are still Unknown”