A Daily Overview of Human Rights Violations in Iran for January 18, 2019

The following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on January 18th, 2019 based on the information compiled and verified by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).

(1) Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2019 “Iranian authorities carried out arbitrary mass arrests and serious due process violations during 2018 in response to protests across the country over deteriorating economic conditions, perceptions of corruption, and the lack of political and social freedoms. Authorities tightened their grip on peaceful activism, detaining lawyers, human rights defenders, and women’s rights activists.”

(2) Mohammad Dorosti, Azerbaijani Turkic minority rights activist, has been tried in absentia and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. He was charged with “propaganda against the state”.

(3) Kurdistan’s appeals court was summoned a trade unionist, Yadollah Samadi on the charge of “propaganda against the state” and “membership in the opposition groups”. He is the head of the Syndicate of Workers of Sanandaj Bakers.

(4) Salman Afra was released on bail in Marivan. He was detained for two months on the charge of “cooperation with a Kurdish opposition group”. Moreover, Ata Rahmanzadeh was arrested and transferred to Saqqez prison to serve his three months sentence.

(5) Alireza Tavakoli, a detained cyber activist, was release from Evin prison after finishing his two and a half years prison term. He was suffering from severe diseases during his time in prison and was denied access to medical care.

(6) The prisoners’ fight in Urmia prison which was galvanized by the authorities of prison, was caused multiple injuries. Several Sunni prisoners, Ahmad Ghanbardoust, Mohammad Ghanbardoust, Mohammad Hosseinpour, Adel Salimi, and Pouria Azadtoosi who were sentenced to five years imprisonment, Rasoul Shiri, Mohammad Shiri, and Ebrahim Moradi who were sentenced to three years in prison, and Mohammad Nikzad who was sentenced to one and a half year imprisonment, have been injured in Urmia prison.

(7) Mehdi Khanipour, a political prisoner in Ahvaz Sheiban prison, began his hunger strike to protest the refusal of his request to attend at his father’s funeral. He was arrested in 2014 and was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment. He is accused of “Moharebeh” by being a member of Al-Ahwazieh group.

(8) Amir Amirgholi, political prisoner and member of “Gam” editorial board was transferred to Evin prison, section 209. Amir Hossein Mohammadifar and Sanaz Allahyari, the editors of Gam, were arrested on January 9, 2019.

(9) Two Iranian-Americans, Emad Sharghi and Bahareh Amidi, had been arrested in March on the espionage-related charges. They were released on bail after nine months but still under a travel ban. Sharghi is a businessman and the founder of Dubex Company.

(10) After prosecutor general, has called Esmail Bakhshi tortures in prison, ‘the rumors’, Hassan Sadeghi, a political prisoner, wrote about his experience of several years of mistreatment and torture such as Falanga torture (beatings on the foot soles) in prison which caused him severe diseases.

(11) A 33-year-old worker of Dezful Steel Company had a fatal fall in his workplace. Another worker in Bafq died because of negligence in the oversight of safety conditions in the workplace.

(12) Saeed Shirzad, a political prisoner in Rajaee Shahr prison in Karaj, has been refused urgent medical care despite doctors requested his transfer to hospital for his severe kidneys’ failure a month ago. While the prosecutor’s office has assured that he would receive treatment, prison authorities have prevented this transfer.

(13) Kourosh Karampour, a teacher and a poet, was released on bail on Tuesday. He was beaten and arrested in Abadan, because of his interviews in support of teachers’ strikes and protests in the last few months. More than thousand writers and civil rights activists issued a statement expressing concern about his situation earlier.

A Daily Overview of Human Rights Violations in Iran for January 5, 2019

The following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on January 5th, 2019 based on the information compiled and verified by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).

(1) Four protests were organized nationwide on January 5, 2019. Residents of Sistan and Baluchestan province, residents of Rabat county in West Azerbaijan province, Customers of Iran Khodro, SAIPA, SAIPA Citroen, and Bahman Motor companies organized protests to request their demands. In addition, another protest gone violent in Sarbaz county after a few protesters were wounded by the police shots. The protesters were angry about repeated confiscation of their vehicles by the police.

(2) A school bus had an accident in Tehran in which four teenage students
Mehdi Azizi, Reza Sajjadi, Mohammad Sadegh Najafi, and Ali Shayesteh Mehr, and a 45-year-old man, Seyed Mohsen Mirshojaei were injured. They have been transferred to a local hospital.

(3) More than 142 thousand children have been deprived from public education this year. The majority of these children are boys and are in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, Tehran, Razavi Khorasan, Kerman,and Khuzestan. .

(4) Abbas Lesani, Azerbaijani Turkic minority rights activist, was arrested today and his whereabouts is unknown. He was tried in absentia and sentenced to 10 months imprisonment earlier. He was charged with ‘propaganda against the state’.

(5) Four Baha’i citizens in Isfahan have been arrested for unknown reasons. Mohsen Mehregani, Manouchehr Rahmani, Farzad Homayouni, and Sohrab Naghipour. They had been arrested before and released on bail.

(6) Alireza Tavakoli, a detained cyber activist, ended his hunger strike after prison authorities promise his demands will be met and his fellow inmates requested him to end his strike due to his deteriorating health. He was protesting the lack of medical care in prison. He was transferred to quarantine due to his contagious illness, but the prison officials denied transferring him to hospital.

(7) Asal Mohammadi, a labor activist, was released on bail. She was arrested at her home, on November 22 charged with supporting workers’ protests in Iran. She is a student pharmacist at Islamic Azad University Pharmaceutical Science.

(8) Hasan Beit Abdollah, a prisoner in the Masjed Soleyman prison, was beaten and has been tied to a pole in open air since Thursday. He was reportedly in an argument with the prison officials. He is accused of Enmity with God (Moharebeh).

(9) Shirzad Karimi who was arrested by the Sepah Intelligence forces two months ago and his whereabouts was unknown, was transferred to Urmia prison on Thursday. He is accused of ‘acting against national security’ and ‘cooperation with opposition groups’.

(11) Farhad Mohammadi, a lawyer and secretary of the National Unity Party in Kurdistan, has been arrested by security forces. He was summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence office and was transferred to the Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj.

(12) 320 seasonal workers of Aq Darreh gold mine in West Azerbaijan province were laid off. Also, the workers of Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Mill have two months of unpaid wages.

(13) 34 student associations invited the minister of intelligence, Mahmoud Alavi, to debate with Esmail Bakhshi. He is a detained trade unionist who was released on bail, and wrote about physical and psychological abuse, interrogation, and torture in prison.

(14) A prisoner who was accused of murdering his wife was sentenced to death in Tehran. Another prisoner charged with murder in Borujerd was saved from gallows by victim’s family’s consent. 12 prisoners have been saved from execution in North Khorasan province during the last year.

(15) The Forensic Medicine Organization announced that 12,261 people died in traffic accidents in the last eight months. This shows an increase of 0.9 percent from last year. Most of the accidents happened in Fars, Tehran and Isfahan provinces.

(16) After 18 months of forced closure of Baha’i-owned businesses in Urmia, the closure order has been lifted. The bussiness-owners names are as following: Firooz Latifi, Erfan Samandari، Arman Norouzi, Elham Abdi, Ali Latifi, Naser Panahi, Mr. Dargahi, Mohammadali Derakhti, Vahhab Moghaddam, Navid Morghi, Siavash and Siamak Abdi, Fardin and Fereydoun Aghsani,  Einollah Ghodsi, Changiz Shahmohammadi, Sasan Karimi, Bonyan Maghsoudi, Ghorban and Shahab Najafzadeh, Keykavous Dargahi, and Mr. Suleimani. Baha’i citizens are having difficulty running their businesses in Iran.

A Daily Overview of Human Rights Violations in Iran for December 18, 2018

The following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on December 18th, 2018 based on the information compiled and verified by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).

(1) On December 17th, 2018 in the National Steel Company workers protest, more than 42 workers have been arrested. The names of 10 more people are as the following: Hossein Asakereh, Meisam Al-Mahdi, Seyed Majid Mousavi, Amir Dehghan, Ahmad Bavi, Behzad Alikhani, Seyed Mostafa Mousavi, Majid Jalali, Arash Mohammadpour, and Behzad Shahbazi.

(2) Sepideh Gholian, a social rights’ activist, was released on bail. She looks very pale and weak after her release. She was arrested on November 18th while she was supporting the strike of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane workers.

(3) A fire broke out accidentally at “Osveh Hasaneh” kindergarten in Zahedan. The fire broke out in a faulty oil stove being used for heating a classroom. Students Mona Khosroparast, Saba Arabi, and Maryam Nokandi died and Yekta Mirshekar is severely burnt.

(4) A United Nation committee on human rights approved a resolution on December 17th, 2018 urging Iran to stop its widespread use of arbitrary detention and expressing serious concern about its use of death penalty. Iran was urged to end widespread and serious restrictions including on freedom of assembly of political opponents, human rights defenders, labor leaders, environmentalists, academics, filmmakers, journalists, bloggers, social media users and others. The resolution strongly urges Iran to eliminate discrimination against women in law and practice and expresses “serious concern about ongoing severe limitations and restrictions on the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief.”

(5) Nazanin Zaghari requested parole but has not yet received any response from the judiciary officials. She is a British-Iranian dual citizen who has been detained in Iran since 3 April 2016. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment and has served half of her sentence now. She is also inneed of acute medical care.

(6) Two activists, Ansar Advaei 27 years old and Fardin Advaei 24 years old, were released in Uraman District in Sarvabad County and the two others, Hamid Ahmadi and Zaniyar Moradi remain in prison there. The reasons for these four citizens’ arrest, are still unknown.

(7) Hamid Ahmadi Maledeh, a juvenile offender who is accused of murder in a street fight was sentenced to death. He has been serving 11 years in the Rasht prison and was transferred three times to solitary confinement for execution but still is waiting on the death row.

(8) One of Nasrin Sotoudeh ‘s criminal charges is putting a flower bouquet by the electricity junction box in Enghelab street. She is a predominant human rights lawyer who has security-related charges.

(9) Farokh Abdi, a social network activist who was sentenced to 15 months in prison earlier this year and faced another 15 months conviction from another court in Urmia, was sentenced to five years imprisonment in an appeal court.

(10) A construction worker died in Yasuj due to unsafe workplace.

(11) According to Reporters Without Borders’ 2018 round-up of deadly attacks and abuses against journalists published on December 18, 2018, Iran still holds its position as one of the five largest prisons for journalists in the world. In this year, Hengameh Shahidi, Tahereh Riahi, Zeinab Karimian, Saleh Deldam, Morad Saghafi, Ramin Karimian, Alieh Matlabzadeh, Asal Emailzadeh, Bakhtiar Khoshnam, Mehdi Khazali, Abdolreza Davari, Sasan Aghai, Yaghma Fashkhami, Mohammad Mohajer, Alireza Tavakoli, Mohammad Mehdi Zamanzadeh, Saeed Mojtaba Bagheri, Javad Jamshidi, Nima Keshvari, Saeed Naghdi, Ali Ahmadinia, and Soheil Arabi are some of journalists, reporters or citizen journalists who have been arrested in 2018.

(12) City service workers of Karun and Zanjan cities have at least six months of unpaid wages.

(13) Another labor activist, Aram Mohammadi who was accused of “propaganda against the state” for participating in international Labor Day protest, began serving his sentence today.

(14) Mohammad-Reza Khatami was prosecuted because of his claims in an interview with Aparat (a video sharing service) that a voter Fraud was observed during 2009 presidential election.

(15) Retired personnel of various governmental organizations held protests in Tehran and other cities for their financial hardship.

Telegram Activist Transferred to Intelligence Ward in Evin Prison

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – Alireza Tavakoli, a Telegram activist who was held in Tehran’s Evin Prison for more than two years, was transferred yesterday from Ward 8 to a ward in the prison known as “209”, which is operated by the Ministry of Intelligence and does not fall under prison jurisdiction.

A source close to Mr Tavakoli told HRANA: “Alireza Tavakoli was transferred from Ward 8 to Ward 209, and the Ministry of Intelligence is likely to open a new prosecution against him.”

In July, Mr Tavakoli had written an open letter to Seyed Mahmoud Alavi, a cleric and Intelligence Minister appointed by Hassan Rouhani, regarding his five-year prison sentence, calling the verdict “outrageous”.

Alireza Tavakoli was arrested in 2016 on blasphemy charges along with two other Telegram activists, Mohammad Mohajer and Mohammad Mehdi Zaman Saleh. They were sentenced to a 12-year prison term each, but their sentences were reduced by an appeals court to five years each.

Mr Tavakoli suffers from joint and intestinal pain. Recently, judicial authorities opposed a request by the Ministry of Intelligence to conditionally release Alireza Tavakoli, Mohammad Mohajer and Mohammad Mehdi Saleh.

3 Administrators of Telegram Channels Sentenced to 12 Years

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Mohajer, Alireza Tavakoli and Mohammad Mahdi Zamanzadeh, administrators of multiple channels in Telegram, have been in Evin Prison for more than 19 months.
These three were arrested in September, and each of them has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Continue reading “3 Administrators of Telegram Channels Sentenced to 12 Years”

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