Amir Khorram Released From Evin Prison

Posted on: February 17th, 2016

HRANA News Agency – Amir Khorram, political activist and member of the central council of “Iran Freedom Movement”, was released from ward 350 of Evin prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Seyed Amir Khorram was arrested after Ashura in 2009 and was released on the bail after 50 days of interrogation in the solitary confinement in ward 209 of Evin Prison. (more…)

The latest list of the political prisoners in the Evin prison

Posted on: April 11th, 2013

HRANA News Agency – There are more than 206 political prisoners in the 350 and women’s sections of the Evin prison. This includes both who have definite sentences and those who are under temporary arrest.

Although the section 350 is one of the public sections of the Evin prison, the prisoners there are prevented from their basic rights like telephone contact or meeting their families.

Here is the list of these 206 prisoners prepared by the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA): (more…)