Jamshid Sharmahd Still Detained in Unknown Location After 10 Months

Iranian-German dual citizen Jamshid Sharmahd is still in detention after 10 months.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting VOA, Sharmahd’s daughter Ghazaleh stated that the Islamic regime has not allowed the lawyer selected by the family to access the case.

Per Ghazeleh’s account, case prosecutor Shah Mohammadi introduced a lawyer to her father and informed him that “only this lawyer can access the case”. Ghazaleh added, “Someone who introduced himself as ‘Dordi Zadeh, the lawyer’” has contacted the family and claimed that he will represent Mr. Sharmahd for 250 thousand dollars.

Ghazaleh Sharmahd emphasized that they cannot afford this amount.  “We do not think this Dordi Zadeh will cooperate effectively,” the daughter said. “We wanted the authorities to allow my father’s independent lawyer to access the case. Neither the consulate nor the lawyer–no one can access my father.”

In August 2020, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced Sharmahd’s arrest. In 2006, Sharmahd claimed to be the leader of one of the Royal Association’s branches after Frood Fooladvand, founder of the Royal Association, disappeared in Turkey.

Sharmahd’s whereabouts and fate are unknown at the time of this writing.