Imam of Friday Prayer in Rask Apprehended by Security Forces

Fathi Mohammad Naghshbandi, the Imam of Friday Prayer in Rask, has been arrested by security forces on August 20, according to a report by Rasank News.

Naghshbandi’s arrest reportedly occurred during his journey from Rask to Chah Bahar. Agents from both the IRGC intelligence and the Ministry of Intelligence allegedly coordinated with the Chah Bahar oil company to summon Naghshbandi to Chah Bahar under the pretext of collecting his fuel allocation for his vehicle and his family members. Subsequently, security forces intercepted and detained him along the route.

The exact location where Naghshbandi is being held remains undisclosed. The nature of the charges against him has yet to be revealed.

It’s worth noting that Naghshbandi had previously received summons from judicial authorities, indicating a prior interaction with legal proceedings.