Mohammadreza Morad Behroozi and Soori Babai Chegini Receive Combined Two-Year Sentence

Soori Babai Chegini and Mohammadreza Morad Behroozi have been sentenced to a combined two years in prison by the Qazvin Revolutionary Court. Currently, Behroozi is already serving a one-year sentence for a previous legal case in Choobindar Prison, Qazvin.

As per the verdict, each individual has been given a one-year sentence for “propaganda against the regime,” which includes the detention period.

According to a reliable source who spoke to HRANA, the couple was not granted amnesty in accordance with the “pardon and commutation” directive. Additionally, judicial and prison officials have denied Behroozi’s request for prison leave.

Behroozi was arrested in August 2021 by security forces at his residence in Qazvin. He was subsequently released on bail pending the completion of legal proceedings.

Later, Behroozi received a one-year sentence for “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran” and was fined 10 million tomans for “spreading falsehood to disturb public opinion.”

On July 15, 2022, Behroozi was jailed in Choobindar prison to commence serving his sentence.

On July 15, 2022, Behroozi began serving his sentence in Choobindar Prison. In March 2023, while still in prison, the Criminal Court of Mohammadiyeh County sentenced him to an additional ten months for “spreading falsehood” and eight months and ten days for “provoking people to act against public modesty.” He was also banned from leaving the country for two years.

Considering that he has been tried twice by both Criminal and Revolutionary Courts for the same offense, Behroozi’s lawyer has requested the merging of the sentences.

Babai Chegini was arrested on July 13, 2022, and released on bail after approximately six months. However, she was re-arrested one day after her release when she went to the Justice building in Mohammadiyeh to retrieve her children’s confiscated cell phone.

Subsequently, Chegini was sentenced to one month for “demonstrating a Haram act,” six months for “provoking people to act against public modesty,” and an additional three months for “public appearance without Hijab.” She was also banned from leaving the country for two years.

On May 25, 2023, Chegini began serving her six-month sentence in Choobindar Prison. However, she was released on bail five days later after accounting for the detention period.