HRANA Recap: This Week’s Protests in Iran

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, a number of protests took place this week in Iran. Read our recap below for details, photos, and videos from the demonstrations

Saturday, May 28

A number of farmers gathered in front of the governorate building of Lorestan in Khorramabad City to demand their water portion. In recent years, drought has affected the livelihood of many farmers. Additionally, poor water supply infrastructure, officials’ water mismanagement and incompetency have exacerbated the situation.

A number of students of Payame Noor University gathered and protested before the main entrance of the university. They asked for taking exams online instead of in person. They said that the university management has not informed the students adequately and on time about the way exams will be given.

Sunday, May 29

A group of nurses working for the Social Security Organization gathered before this organization in Tehran to ask for increasing pensions as allocated for hard and hazardous jobs in accordance with labour law.

The Social Security pensioners held protests in the cities of Qazvin, Ahvaz, Sush, Tabriz, Kermanshah and Mashhad. They chanted slogans against the irresponsibility of the government towards their demands. These pensioners demanded raising their pension to stand above the poverty line, addressing the supplementary insurance issues, the end year bonuses.


Tuesday, May 31

A number of teachers of Sanandaj City gathered and protested in front of the Ministry of Education. They chanted, “Imprisoned teacher should be released.”

In Zanjan, a group of pensioners of the Social Security Organization protested before the Planning and Budget Organization office. They asked for increasing wages and pensions.

A number of students of Payame Noor University protested before the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology office in Tehran.

A number of the Sugarcane Agro-Industry Complex of Shushtar gathered before this company to ask for the removal of the CEO. Despite the ministry of Justice’s order for deposing the CEO due to hoarding sugar, he has not yet been removed from the office.

Personnel and faculty members of the Islamic Azad University West Tehran Branch gathered before the entrance to protest against low wages.

A group of students of the Amirkabir University of Technology gathered on campus to ask for their demands.

Wednesday, June 1

A number of farmers from Khorramabad County in Lorestan Province gathered before the County building to protest against not receiving the water portion from the Eyvashan Dam.

For the third consecutive day, pensioners of the Social Security Organization protested in Zanjan. They gathered in front of the governorate building to ask for raising pension and wages in accordance with the Labor Council enactment.

At the same time, Social Security pensioners of Gilan also held a protest before the Central Selection Board of this organization in Rasht.
Iranian Retirement Council also reported a similar protest before the Social Security Organization in Tabriz.


A group of retirees and working personnel of Zanjan Telecommunication Company gathered before the management office of this company to protest against not receiving the wage for last month.

The workers of the Agro-Industry Company Karoon Shushar gathered for the second consecutive day in front of the company office building.

The workers said, “Yesterday, in protest gathering, we heard nothing but hollow promises. Therefore, we had to come here again for our denied labor rights.”

Among other demands, the workers ask for the modification of job contracts from temporary to official and closing wage disparities.

A group of workers of AzarAb Industries Company held protests at factory premises for the second consecutive day. They protested against two months’ delays in payment and the suspension from work.

The members of the housing cooperative of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences gathered before the governorate building of Zanjan Province to ask for their demands.

A group of personnel of the Ilam Telecommunication Company gathered before this company office in Ilam City to protest against unpaid wages and other livelihood issues.

Thursday, June 2

The workers of Tabriz Azar Glass Industries Company held a protest in front of the company to demand several months’ unpaid wages.