No News of Political Prisoner Farshid Abdollahi After One Year

HRANA News Agency – Although one year has passed since Farshid Abdollahi was detained, there has been absolutely no news of him during this time.His current condition and whereabouts remain unknown.Farshid Abdollahi was one of the students expelled from the Azad University of Tehran, Imam Hussein Complex.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on August 10, 2010, Farshid Abdollahi was arrested in Imam Khomeini Airport when he attempted to enter Iran from the United Arab Emirates.Farshid Abdollahi’s family didn’t know that he was arrested for the first four months of his incarceration.Six months after his arrest, Farshid Abdollahi was permitted to contact his family for the first time.In another phone conversation, Farshid Abdollahi complained about his condition and the place where he was being held.

Thus far, Iranian officials have refused to give clear answers about Farshid Abdollahi’s condition or whereabouts.

In 2005, Farshid Abdollahi was expelled from the Azad University of Tehran because of his political activities.After his dismissal, He subsequently moved to Dubai and lived there for a few years.