Two Christian Citizens Arrested While Traveling On the New Year Holidays

HRANA NEWS – On Wednesday, March 22, 2011 three citizens who were traveling while the New Year holidays were arrested by intelligence service agents on the road from Salmas to the village of Broshkharan.

According to HRANA Reporters, Iranian Human Rights Agency, Saleh Jahangir Zadeh, son of Saied, from Village of Broshkhara which is a county of Salmas, along Hamid Najafi and his wife, Mahzar Najafi, Christian citizens from city of Karaj who were traveling to this city on the New Year holiday, were arrested by intelligence service agents on Wednesday.

Following this arrest the personal cal of Saleh Jahangir Zadeh has also been seized by intelligence service bureau.

It is important to note that the efforts made by families of those arrested to follow up on their conditions have not been successful so far and 48 hours after their arrest, there is still no information regarding their status and location.