One-Hundred and Two “Thugs and Hoodlums” Arrested

HRANA News Agency – Announcing the news that 102 “known thugs and hoodlums” in Tehran have been arrested, the capital city’s police chief said, “During this morning’s operations, five women were also detained.”

In an interview with Mehr News, Tehran’s Police Chief Hossein Sajedinia said, “The second phase of the Neighborhood-based Security Plan began this morning in 375 locations throughout the capital in order to deal with thugs and hoodlums decisively.”

Hossein Sajedinia added, “During these operations that ended today at 2:00am, one hundred and two well-known thugs and hoodlums around the capital city were arrested.These individuals have distributed illegal drugs and attempted to be a menace to others by brandish daggers and threatening, intimidating, traumatizing and bullying the public.Additionally, the police has confiscated large and considerable amounts of narcotics, alcoholic drinks, obscene CDs, various weapons and firearms.”

Hossein Sajedinia further explained, “Amongst those arrested, there are 97 men and five women.After the preliminary interrogations and collection of evidence, these individuals will be charged accordingly so that the Judicial Branch can deal with them to the full extend.”

Referring to the fact that the Neighborhood-based Security Plan will continue to target citizens who are identified as “thugs and hoodlums,” the chief police of Tehran announced, “This plan won’t end.During the upcoming nights, the law enforcement will once again target notorious thugs and hoodlums.”

The critics of Iranian government’s various security plans believe that such operations don’t maintain safety but instead create fear and cause anxiety and insecurity in the society.


Shutting Down Underground Fashion Shows

HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, in a press conference to announce the beginning of nightly highway patrol project, Hossein Sajedinia, Tehran’s police chief, said, “One week has passed since the implementation of the Moral Security Plan began throughout the country.During this time, we have witnessed 20% reduction in illegal activities and outlawed appearances.Since people have welcomed our efforts, we have decided to broaden the program.Police will try to give warnings first in order to guide individuals.Those who insist on breaking the law will be punished.”

Reporting that underground fashion shows have been identified and shutdown, Tehran’s police chief added, “These centers attempt to sell illicit and inappropriate attire.When the police finds out, we’ll react immediately.In the last two weeks, we have broadened our efforts and even arrested two men and one woman who were collaborating with each other in order to steal from such centers.”

Pointing out that the residents of Tehran feel much safer, Hossein Sajedinia said, “Increasing people’s sense of security is very important for the police.Fortunately, people feel much safer today in comparison to the past.”