Mohammad Taleghani Sentenced to Imprisonment and Social Restrictions

Mohammad Taleghani, a former member of Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society, has been handed a two-year prison sentence and imposed social restrictions by the Tehran Revolutionary Court. However, the execution of this verdict has been suspended for a period of five years.

Judge Iman Afshari issued the verdict, citing “assembly and collusion against national security” as the reason for Taleghani’s sentence. In addition to the prison term, Taleghani has been banned from leaving the country and prohibited from using social media, as well as being barred from participating in civil and political activities for a duration of five years.

Taleghani’s arrest took place on July 9, 2023, when the intelligence forces of the IRGC apprehended him at his residence in Tehran. After spending eight days in custody, he was released on bail from Evin Prison.