Reza Rasaei Receives Death Sentence Amidst Controversial Charges

Reza Rasaei, one of the participants in the 2022 nationwide protests, has been sentenced to death by the Criminal Court of Kermanshah in connection with a legal case related to the “killing of the head of the IRGC’s intelligence of Sahneh County.”

According to Kurdpa, Rasaei has been found guilty of involvement in the death of Nader Beirami, the head of the IRGC’s intelligence in Sahneh County. Additional charges against Rasaei include causing non-lethal injuries, using a knife, and disrupting public order.

Critically, the court’s decision appears to have relied on a confession extracted under duress during Rasaei’s detention.

Rasaei was apprehended on November 24, 2022, by the police and subsequently detained in Sahneh County. After completing the interrogation process, he was transferred to Dizel-Abad prison in Kermanshah.

Several other protesters involved in a demonstration on November 18, 2022, are also facing charges related to their alleged role in the death of the IRGC’s intelligence officer. During this protest, several protestors were also killed by police and security forces.

Reza (Gholamreza) Rasaei, aged 34, is known as a Yarsan follower and a resident of Sahneh County.

Poet and Writer Habib Mousavi Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Habib Mousavi, a poet and writer, has been handed a one-year prison sentence by the Gorgan Criminal Court. Mousavi’s attorney, Ramezan Haji Mashhadi, was officially notified of his conviction for “disseminating false information on the Internet.” Additionally, Mousavi has been fined 20 million Tomans.

A source who spoke to HRANA cited “protesting against rising bread prices” as an example of the charge brought against Mousavi.

In the second segment of his legal proceedings, for the charge of “propaganda against the regime,” Mousavi had previously received an eight-month prison term, which was later commuted to a 20-million-toman fine,

Mousavi, 50 years old, was arrested on July 31, 2023, shortly after receiving a summons and visiting the IRGC’s intelligence office in Gorgan, Golestan Province.