Two Staff Members at Photography Studio Arrested in Kerman City

Abdolali Ravanbakhsh, Deputy Commander of Police in Kerman Province, announced that two staff members at a photography studio were arrested for publishing photos and video clips on Instagram.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Rokna News Agency, police searched the studio and confiscated personal belongings such as cameras, projectors, laptops and cell phones.

“Iranian Security Police experts in charge of surveilling activities in cyberspace detected an Instagram page publishing improper photos and video clips,” Ravanbakhsh commented. “A young man who ran a photography studio where he created unlawful photos and films was arrested. A woman who was helping him create the films was also arrested.”

The Iranian Judiciary system has been criticized for its violation of citizens’ privacy rights.

More than 3,000 Nomadic Students in the Country have Dropped out of School

According to the HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting ILNA, Seifi, the Director-General of Nomadic Education section in the Ministry of Education, announced the existence of 3,626 students who dropped out of school among students in tribes.

“The highest number of students who dropped out of school is in the provinces of West Azerbaijan with 1,061 students, Lorestan Province with 566 students, and Kerman with 265 students,” Seifi said. “Currently, more than 75,743 nomadic students are deprived of having access to Shad network to use virtual education due to lack of necessary infrastructure. During the last academic year, 72% of our nomadic schools were held in person. Provinces with better infrastructure had the highest rates of virtual classes.”

Seifi further noted, “Nomadic students of West Azerbaijan Province were left out of education due to their inability to purchase textbooks. This province has 32000 nomad students from which a large number of nomadic female students in this province did not enroll in school due to inability to purchase textbooks.”

Prisoner Released from Gallows After Forgiveness from Parents

A prisoner in the city of Jiroft in Kerman Province, who had previously been sentenced to death for the murder of his brother, was released from the gallows after his family expressed their forgiveness.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Rokna News, a prisoner in the city of Jiroft in Kerman Province was saved from execution following the pardon of his parents.

Mohammad Reza Sharifi, head of the Jiroft Prison Administration, commented on the reversal of the prisoner’s fate.

“With the efforts of the Dispute Resolution Council and the Peace and Reconciliation Committee of the prison, the family of the victim, including his parents, wife, and children, expressed their consent and forgiveness,” Sharifi added, “and the prisoner was released from execution.”

Sharifi stated that the prisoner had murdered his brother with a firearm in one of the villages of Jiroft city in September 2019 due to family disputes, and had been in Jiroft Prison for almost 2 years.

“Due to the consent of the parents, the imprisonment due to the general aspect of the crime was reduced from ten years to three years with a reduction of the sentence, and during the meeting of the prison classification council, it was agreed to employ this prisoner.”