Workers’ Rights Activist Sharifeh Mohammadi Sentenced to Death for Armed Rebellion (Baghi)

Sharifeh Mohammadi, a workers’ rights advocate, imprisoned in Lakan Prison in Rasht, has been sentenced to death by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court of Rasht on charges of “Baghi” (armed rebellion).

This verdict, issued by Judge Ahmad Darvish Goftar of Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court of Rasht, was communicated to her husband, Sirus Fathi, today, Thursday, July 4th. Ms. Mohammadi was sentenced to death on charges of “Baghi” due to her alleged membership in an opposition group.
The court session addressing Sharifeh Mohammadi’s charges was held on June 8th, covering accusations of propaganda against the regime, acting against national security, and “Baghi” through membership in an opposition group.

The Ministry of Intelligence apprehended Mohammadi at her Rasht residence on December 5, 2023. Subsequently, she was transferred from Lakan Prison to Sanandaj Prison on December 30, 2023, only to be returned to Lakan Prison later on.

A source close to the labor activist’s family previously told HRANA, “Sharifeh was a member of the Association of Labor Organizations until 2013, which has no connection to the Komala group that she is accused of being a member of, leading to the charge of ‘Baghi’.”