Mahsa Yazdani Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison

Masoumeh (Mahsa) Yazdani, the mother of Mohammad-Javad Zahedi, who lost his life during the 2022 nationwide protests at the hands of regime forces, has received a 13-year prison sentence from the Sari Revolutionary Court.

Yazdani’s attorney, Meysam Mousavi, has publicly disclosed the details of her sentencing. She was given a five-year term for  “blasphemy”, an additional five years of “incitement against national security,” two years for “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran,” and one more year for “spreading propaganda against the regime,” culminating in a total of 13 years, with five years to be served without parole.

Mousavi has confirmed that Yazdani was acquitted of the charge of “disseminating false information on the Internet” by the Sari Crimiinal Court.

On August 22, 2023, Yazdani was taken into custody by security forces in Sari. She was granted release on bail after spending 45 days in detention.

Her son, Zahedi, tragically lost his life during the protests on September 22, 2022.