Two Civilians Fatally Shot by Military Forces in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

On November 16, two tragic incidents unfolded in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province, where military forces, without warning, fired upon civilians, resulting in fatal outcomes in Hirmand and Iranshahr counties, as reported by Haal Vsh.

In the vicinity of Iranshahr, military forces opened fire on a vehicle traveling on the road, claiming the life of 18-year-old Matin Narui (Narooie) with a gunshot to the head.

In a separate incident on the same day, 45-year-old Amir Safari (Sarani) was fatally shot in the chest in a village within Hirmand County. Responding to a gunshot, he and fellow villagers emerged from their homes, only to be met with gunfire from military forces positioned in a watchtower. Amir Safari, located just 100 meters from his residence, succumbed to the injuries sustained. The family’s inquiries into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident remain unanswered by local authorities.

Disturbingly, these incidents add to a concerning trend. According to data compiled by the Center of Statistics of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA), a total of 845 individuals were shot by military forces in 2022. Of these victims, at least 571 lost their lives, including 22 Kolbar, 9 fuel carriers, and 540 civilians. Additionally, 274 people suffered injuries from military forces’ gunfire, comprising 134 Kolbar, 128 civilians, and 12 fuel carriers. The need for transparent investigations and accountability in these matters is paramount to address the alarming frequency of such incidents.