Instagram Page Administrators Arrested in Isfahan for Promoting Western Lifestyles

The head of Isfahan’s cyber police announced the blocking of 35 Instagram pages and the arrest of their administrators for promoting what has been described as “Western lifestyles and the dissemination of modeling content and vulgar material on Instagram.”

The chief of Isfahan’s cyber police stated: “Cyber police experts in the province identified and arrested the administrators of 35 Instagram pages for promoting Western lifestyles and modeling advertisements with inappropriate, vulgar content.”

Mostafa Mortazavi added that, following the removal and blocking of the content of the posts produced on the said Instagram pages, these individuals were handed over to the judicial authorities with cases filed against them.

The report does not disclose the detainees’ identities, their places of detention, or the specific charges against these citizens.

In 2023, data from the Department of Statistics and Publication of HRA revealed a sevenfold increase in the arbitrary arrests of citizens by police and security forces, infringing upon citizens’ privacy and lifestyle compared to the previous year.