Widespread Arrests at Islamic Azad University Central Tehran for Alleged Hijab Non-Compliance

On May 26, multiple reports surfaced of the arrest of female students at Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch due to alleged non-compliance with hijab regulations.

According to Amir Kabir news channel, at least 100 students were forcibly detained by police armed with guns and batons at the university gates. The students were taken to two vans and were only released after signing a commitment letter to adhere to hijab rules, with some being allowed to leave only after changing their veil.

This incident is part of the broader enforcement under the “Noor” plan, initiated on April 13 to intensify the enforcement of mandatory hijab laws. This has led to several reports of violent incidents and arrests concerning hijab regulations across the country.

In September, HRANA issued a detailed review of Iran’s “Bill to Support the Family by Promoting the Culture of Chastity and Hijab.” This bill has raised international alarms over escalating restrictions on women’s rights and freedoms.