Poisoning of Schoolgirls Continue: 37 Girls Hospitalized in Pardis, Tehran Province

In the last incident of serial poisoning of school students, 37 schoolgirls were poisoned and hospitalized with an unidentified toxic gas, in Pardis county, Tehran Province. In recent weeks, in a series of incidents, hundreds of schoolgirls have been hospitalized due to respiratory poisoning in several cities across Iran.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Tasnim, 37 schoolgirls were poisoned and hospitalized in a school in Pardis, Tehran Province.

The Governor of Pardis stated, “Right after reporting the poisoning, emergency forces reached the spot and transferred the poisoned school students to the hospital.”

“37 students were hospitalized, all of them have recovered from poisoning and are now in good health condition,” Reza Karimi Saleh added.
He also stated that the police’s preliminary investigation has detected some suspicious activities, which will be reported publicly after conclusive findings.

In recent weeks, similar suspicious poisoning incidents took place in several schools in cities like Qom and Borujerd.

A member of the Health and Medical Commission of Iran’s Parliament called these incidents “intentional.” Moreover, one of the deputies of Iran’s ministry of health stated that with these attacks, “some want all schools, especially girls’ schools, to be closed down.”

Also, Mohammad-Taghi Fazel Meybodi, a religious scholar and university professor, called these incidents intentional attacks organized by “religious groups.”