Meysam Shirini and Rasoul Asadzadeh Arrested in Urmia

Meysam Shirini and Rasoul Asadzadeh were apprehended by security forces in Urmia and taken to an undisclosed location.

According to a reliable source close to Shirini’s family, the Ministry of Intelligence agents conducted the arrest at his residence on the morning of Thursday, July 20. Personal belongings were seized during the arrest.

Shirini was later informed of his charges in an Urmia courthouse and subsequently jailed in Urmia Prison after securing bail of 200 million tomans. His charges are reportedly related to “acting against national security.”

On July 22, two days after Shirini’s arrest, Rasoul Asadzadeh went to the courthouse to provide the required bail, but he himself was detained by authorities. As of now, the charges against him and his location remain unknown, adding to the concerns surrounding these cases.

It is noteworthy that during the nationwide protests of 2022, on November 16, Shirini, 31, was previously arrested by security forces in Urmia. After spending 13 days in detention in the youth ward of Urmia Prison, he was released on bail. At that time, he faced charges of “acting against national security and participating in illegal gatherings.”