Workers’ Rights Activist Reyhaneh Ansari Receives Four-Year Prison Sentence and Additional Restrictions

The Tehran Revolutionary Court has handed a four-year prison sentence to workers’ rights activist Reyhaneh Ansari. According to Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, the original charge would have led to a four-year imprisonment.

Ansari’s lawyer, Razieh Zeydi, informed the public that Judge Salavati, who presided over the Tehran Revolutionary Court, sentenced Ansari to four years for “assembly and collusion against national security and acting against national security.” As an additional punishment, she has been prohibited from leaving the country, joining political and civil groups, and engaging in online and media activities for two years.

Ansari, along with several other civil and workers’ rights activists, was apprehended at Mohammad Habibi’s residence just days before International Workers’ Day on April 28, 2023. Subsequently, she, along with Anisha Asadollahi, was released on a one-billion-Toman bail ten days later.

It is important to highlight that Ansari has a history of arrests and convictions related to her activism.