Morteza Nour-Mohammadi Detained for Over 70 days in Legal Limbo

Morteza Nour-Mohammadi Naradrli (Nazarlu) remains in a state of legal uncertainty, having been detained for more than 70 days in the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility in Tabriz.

According to a source close to his family, HRANA learned that Nour-Mohammadi has recently been formally charged by the Public and Revolutionary Court. Additionally, the bail required for his temporary release has been escalated to 700 million Tomans, approximately 14,000 dollars.

Initially accused of the political charge of “assembly and collusion against national security,” Nour-Mohammadi now faces an additional legal challenge, being charged with “membership in a group to act against national security.”

On September 9, 2023, Nour-Mohammadi, a resident of Shabestar, was apprehended by security forces at the National Organization for Civil Registration in Sufian city and subsequently detained in Tabriz Prison. After a period, he was moved to a detention facility.

Nour-Mohammadi had publicly revealed that the Civil Registration office had denied issuing a birth certificate for his newborn child with the name “Hunai.” This denial was attributed to the Iranian regime’s stringent restrictions on name selection, particularly those with ethnic or foreign origins.

Morteza Nourmohammadi Arrested in Shabestar

On September 9, Morteza Nourmohammadi, a resident of Shabestar in East Azerbaijan province, was apprehended by security forces and transported to the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention facility.

A source with close ties to his family informed HRANA that Nourmohammadi was detained on September 9, immediately following a visit to the National Organization for Civil Registration of Iran. Subsequent to his arrest, intelligence agents conducted a search of his residence and confiscated some of his personal belongings.

Previously, the National Organization for Civil Registration had declined to register a chosen name for his newborn child. It’s worth noting that the Iranian government restricts naming children in ways that deviate from the national cultural and religious norms.

The precise grounds for his detention, his current whereabouts, and the nature of the allegations against him remain undisclosed.

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