Shahab Bayat Receives Six-Month Prison Sentence on Political Charges

The Court of Appeal in Hamedan has upheld a six-month sentence for Shahab Bayat, a student at the Islamic Azad University of Hamadan.

Presiding over the court, Seyed Reza Hassani Helm found Bayat guilty of “spreading propaganda against the regime.” Bayat was indicted on May 24, 2023, and was subsequently granted bail of 300 million toman, equivalent to approximately 6000 dollars in this legal case.

As HRA’s annual report reveals, in 2023, 64 workers’ rights advocates were arrested by security forces in Iran. Additionally, 29 labor activists or defenders of workers’ rights were sentenced to 654 months of imprisonment, which includes 568 months of actual imprisonment and 86 months of suspended imprisonment. These alarming statistics underscore the challenging environment faced by those advocating for labor rights in the country.

Shahab Bayat Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

Shahab Bayat, a former political prisoner and a student at the Islamic Azad University of Hamadan, has been handed a six-month prison sentence by the Hamedan Revolutionary Court.

Presided over by Judge Esmaeili, the court found Bayat guilty of “propaganda against the regime,” with specific reference to his social media posts as evidence.

On May 24, 2023, Bayat was summoned before the Public and Revolutionary Court and subsequently released on bail, amounting to 300 million tomans (approximately 6,000 dollars).

It is worth noting that Bayat had previously received a three-month sentence, alongside a two-year and nine-month suspended prison term, in connection with his involvement in the 2022 nationwide protests. He was released later in the same year from Hamedan Prison.