Workers’ Rights Activist Sharifeh Mohammadi Endures 105 Days of Detention Amidst Uncertain Legal Status

Sharifeh Mohammadi, a prominent advocate for workers’ rights, has been held in custody for over 105 days with an ambiguous legal standing at Lakan Prison in Rasht.

Her husband, Sirus Fathi, disclosed that Mohammadi underwent surgery for her toe, which unfortunately sustained irreparable damage due to infection resulting from delayed treatment.

Regarding her legal situation, Fathi emphasized that despite baseless accusations, judicial authorities have denied Mohammadi bail, despite there being no substantial evidence in her case to warrant such denial.

The Ministry of Intelligence apprehended Mohammadi at her Rasht residence on December 5, 2023. Subsequently, she was transferred from Lakan Prison to Sanandaj Prison on December 30, 2023, only to be returned to Lakan Prison later on.

The motives behind Mohammadi’s arrest and the specific charges against her remain undisclosed at present.