Sotudeh Fazeli in Undecided Situation in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Sotudeh Fazeli, 64, retired teacher and political prisoner, is serving in Evin prison while she is suffering from multiple diseases. She is a cancer survivor and finished the chemotherapy very recently, in addition to her medical problems and not having a fair trial, she has lost her mother during past weeks. Despite the death of her mother and norm of bureau of prisons, her request for a furlough even for few hours was rejected.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Sotudeh Fazeli is a 64-year-old prisoner who is being kept in women’s ward in Evin prison. She was arrested in 2011 by intelligence service and after 31 days in ward 209, was released temporarily in March 2011.

Sometimes later, she was summoned to the revolutionary court and tried by Abulghasem Salavati. Even though her 3 years of imprisonment on charge of acts against the national security was told her orally, but she never received any formal document.

Because the sentence is not officially announced, she could not appeal. This senior prisoner was arrested on June 9, 2016 and transferred to women’s ward in Evin prison, in order to serve her 3 years.

Sotudeh Fazeli is diagnosed with thalassemia, and very recently finished the chemotherapy sessions. In the current condition, proper medical treatment is not available for her. She is also suffering from high blood pressure, and eye disease.

During past week, her family requested a furlough so that she could attend her mother’s funeral which was rejected by the prosecutor and the prosecutor deputy, Mr. Haji Moradi.

Masoumeh Haj ABdulrahim Khabaz, Mrs. Fazeli’s mother had requested to see her daughter in the last days of her life, which was denied despite the efforts made by the family for the approval of the furlough and even consent of Mrs. Fazeli to be transferred with handcuffs and in escort, and only for few hours.

Need to be mentioned, Mrs. Fazeli’s brother, Seyed Shamsodin Fazeli was arrested in 1982 and after three years of being in an undecided condition executed in 1985, without noticing the family and when he was only 20, by fire squad.

Mrs. Fazeli had worked for 30 years as a teacher and principal in educational system and was retired recently.