Tens of Executions and Hunger Stikes in Ghezel-Hes’ar Prison

HRANA News Agency – Prisoners at Unit 2 of Karaj Qezel Hesar Prison started a hunger strike in protest at tens of executions at this prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during the last two weeks at least 44 death row prisoners at Unit 2 of Karaj Qezel Hesar Prison have been transferred to solitary confinements in groups of 11 people in preparation to be executed later.

The last group of these prisoners have been summoned to be sent to solitary confinements and to enforce their death sentence on the evening of December 2nd. “Ali Golyarani”, “Yousef Fakhte”, “Mansour Yadegari” and two people named “Salam” and “Behnam” are 5 names among these prisoners.

From, Monday 1 December 2014, prisoners at Unit 2 of this prison has started unlimited hunger strike all together in protest to these group executions.

There are about 3000 inmates at Unit2 (which is consisted of 9 halls) at Karaj Qezel Hesar Prison for drug related crimes and so far 1000 of them have been sentenced to death.

It is important to mention that Qezel Hesar Prison usually homes drug related criminals. It is one of the biggest prisons in the Middle East and there have been many reports about the unacceptable hygiene condition and ill treatments by the prison authorities at this prison.

During autumn, massive strikes by thousands of death row prisoners at Qezel Hesar Prison forced the Enforcement Office to suspend the executions for 6 months.

Further complimentary reports about this issue will be published soon.

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