Textile Workers in Kashan Protested Again

HRANA News Agency – Workers of the Spinning and Weaving Textile Company in Kashan gathered in a rally to protest in front of gubernatorial building and demanded their weekly wages promised to them by their employer.  The Spinning and Weaving Textile Company had agreed to pay the workers $40 a week, the amount equal to 1/6 of a worker’s monthly wages.


A number of workers spoke with ILNA [Iranian Labour News Agency] in Kashan and said, “The Company owes us 32 months of back wages.  We used to get paid $80 a week, but our wages were cut down to only $40.00 per week.  Since the beginning of this year [March 21, 2011], they even don’t pay us that amount.  We haven’t received a penny from them.”


During their rally, workers asked the authorities to follow up and take the necessary steps to quickly pay them their back wages for the last 32 months and also resolve the problems and concerns related to the retirement of 400 workers in this company.


The protesters blocked the main street in front the gubernatorial building and carried a placard asking, “Who answers for 32 months of back wages?”  The rally disturbed the flow of traffic in this part of the city.


It must be noted that there are 1200 workers employed by the Spinning and Weaving Textile Company in Kashan.  However, from the beginning of this year [March 21, 2011], the Company has been shut down because of a strike by the workers demanding 32 months of back wages.

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