Three Iranians Living Abroad Detained by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence

Three Iranians Living Abroad Detained by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence

The Ministry of Intelligence has detained three Iranian individuals residing abroad, accusing them of “leading protests” in Iran, according to a report by Mizan, the judiciary’s news agency. Mizan has also released a video featuring their “coerced confessions.”

The report asserts that the detainees were living in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Mizan mentions the identities of two of these individuals as Yaser (last name undisclosed) and Erfan (last name undisclosed), but it provides no information about the third person’s identity.

The report does not specify whether these individuals hold dual foreign citizenship or have solely obtained residency in the mentioned countries (UK, Germany, and the US).

Based on the published video, it appears that these individuals were apprehended upon their return to Iran.

These arrests follow a recent prisoner swap deal between Iran and Western countries in recent months and precede the imminent release of Iran’s frozen assets. Many observers believe that the Iranian government detains foreign and dual nationals to exert leverage in negotiations with Western countries or for political purposes.

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