Two Bahai prisoners are transferred to Mashhad intelligence

HRANA News Agency – Noura Nabil Zade and Sanaz Tafzili are transferred from Vakil Abad prison to intelligence of Mashhad.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Wednesday morning the intelligence has transferred two Bahai prisoners of the women section of Vakil Abad prison, Noura Nabil Zade and Sanaz Tafazzoli who were serving their prison sentences to the intelligence of Mashhad without telling any reasons.

The agents have told: “They will be in the intelligence for 10 days.”

Sanaz Tafazzoli’s 6 months imprisonment sentence will be finished by 15th May but she will be in the intelligence by ditention.

Noura Nabil Zade is also serving the 5 years imprisonment sentence she has.

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