Two Kurdish activists were tried

HRANA News Agency – In the morning of April 21, 2013 Sirwan Hosseinpanahi and Shirzad Hosseinpanahi the two Kurdish civil activists were tried in Sanandaj revolutionary court.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the two Kurdish civic activists were tried on charge of propaganda against regime and connection with Kurdish subversive parties.
Sirwan and Shirzad had no access to lawyer during the trial session and defended themselves personally against all what they are accused to.
One of their relatives wrote a report to HRANA and says “They were not sentenced after the trial session and the judge told Sirwan and Shirzad that your verdicts will be issued in one month. The two Kurdish activists who were under arrested for three months and for 50 days in absolute ignorance in Intelligence offices of Sanandaj and Ghorveh, have transferred from Ghorveh prison to Sanandaj central prison after the trial session.”
Sirwan Hosseinpanahi is a Kurdish activist and nephew of Anvar Hosseinpanahi the political-civil prisoner. He was arrested on January 9, 2013 by Intelligence agents in his home in Ghorochai village in Dehgolan city.
Shirzad Hosseinpanahi the other Kurdish activist and of Anvar Hosseinpanahi’s relatives who is from Ghorochai village as well, was arrested on January 12, 2013 by security forces and was transferred to Intelligence office of Sanandaj.
After 50 days absolute ignorance finally Sirwan Hosseinpanahi and Shirzad Hosseinpanahi were transferred from Intelligence detention center of Sanandaj to Ghorveh prison.

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