Two Kurds from Salmas have been shot by police

HRANA News Agency – The Iranian police shot two Kurds from Salmas and injured them.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), On midnight of January 28th of 2013 a car of Kurish citizens in Zanjan-Tabriz highway has been shot by police directly and two of the passengers injured.
Due to the report, Kamran Abdouie and Senar Abdouie from Katban village belongs to Salmas have been injured strongly. Kamran has injured from leg and Senar from belly, also Senar’s condition is critical.
The injured Kurds have been transferred to Tabriz hospital and they are under the security protection and their families are not allowed to visit them.
Senar and Kamran are accused to neglected stop warn of the polices..

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