A Virus Disease Has Spread in Ward 8 of Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Some prisoners of ward number 8 of Evin prison have been diagnosed with a kind of Toxication.
An informed source in this regard told HRANA’s reporter, “A virus based disease which is similar to toxication has spread in ward number 8. Babak Asiayi is among the affected ones. He is in the washroom all the time and vomits everything he takes, even water. He was diagnosed with digestion problems but was not transferred to the clinic”.
The disease has raised the concerns of other inmates regarding the condition of patients and the danger of the disease being spread.
Need to be mentioned, ward number 8 is described as “the worst ward in Evin prison”, where many political prisoners are being kept, in a very condensed shape and with the minimum of facilities. Complains of prisoners and their families have had no result yet.
The mother of Omid Alishenas, one of the political prisoners of ward 8, described the condition of the ward very bad and mentioned in an interview with HRANA that “the number of prisoners in ward 8 is too many and some of them sleep near the washrooms and in corridors. Prisoners with fraud and financial charges do not have a good relationship with the political prisoners and by the stimuli of prison officials would start a conflict anytime and put a lot of stress on the political prisoners”.
Most of the prisoners who have been arrested after 2009 elections are kept in ward 8. Also, many of the prisoners of ward 350 have been transferred to this ward.

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