Woman Arrested in Sabzevar After Confrontation Over Hijab

Woman Arrested in Sabzevar After Confrontation Over Hijab

Shakiba Yazdani, a 35-year-old resident of Sabzevar, was apprehended and subsequently incarcerated on Monday evening, August 7, following a dispute with a religious vigilante who confronted her about her hijab.

According to a source connected to the citizen’s family, the incident unfolded when an individual, invoking the religious duty of ‘enjoining good’, confronted Yazdani regarding her attire. Both parties attempted to record the encounter. Subsequently, after a span of two weeks, a group of ten intelligence agents affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), accompanied by the previously mentioned individual, who was a retired IRGC member, detained Yazdani and transferred her to the Sabzevar security police detention center.

The source also revealed that despite being hospitalized for a heart condition, Yazdani was not granted sufficient medical attention, as security personnel hindered her from receiving necessary care and subsequently returned her to the detention facility. On Tuesday, she was transferred to Sabzevar Prison.

As of now, the specific charges against Yazdani remain undisclosed.


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