Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb Sentenced to over Five Years and Additional Punishments

Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb

HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency- In a recent development, Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb, a civil rights activist currently detained in Evin Prison, has been sentenced to five years and eight months of imprisonment along with additional penalties by the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

The verdict issued by Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court states that Ahmadi Ragheb has been sentenced to five years for charges of “assembly and collusion against national security” and eight months for “propaganda against the regime.” Furthermore, he has been subjected to restrictions, including a ban on engaging in civil and political activities, using a cell phone, and traveling abroad for a period of two years.
If the verdict is upheld during the appeal process, in accordance with Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, the initial count of five years in prison will be enforced.

An informed source, speaking with HRANA, revealed that “Previously, Ahmadi Ragheb had refused to attend the court due to being subjected to handcuffs and ankle cuffs during the transfer. Yesterday, he was brought to the court with handcuffs and informed that the verdict had been issued in absentia as he had been absent from the court proceedings on three occasions.”

The source further added, “Following the reception of this verdict, Ahmadi Ragheb has requested a retrial. It is important to note that he has been facing these legal actions based on a complaint filed by an IRGC official.”

On February 3, 2023, Ahmadi Ragheb was released from Rajai Shahr prison after completing his previous sentence. However, in March 2023, he was re-arrested during a protest against poison attacks on schools and subsequently transferred to Evin Prison.



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