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3 Prisoners in Zahedan Prison Sentenced to Death

Posted on: 2nd February, 2018
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Abdul-waset Dahani

HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners in Zahedan Central Prison were sentenced to death on charges of Muharebeh and armed conflict with the police by the Revolutionary Court of Zahedan.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), three prisoners named Ismail Shah Bakhsh, 24, Dour Mohammad Shah Bakhsh, 20 and Hayatullah Nikzehi, 26, (Pakistani citizen) were sentenced to death by branch two of Revolutionary Court headed by judge “Sargul Zehi”.

The three detainees were notified of their death sentences although at the end of the trial the bails of 100 billion IRR had been issued for them and they could be released on the bail.

Ismail Shah Bakhsh, 24, (from ward 3), Dour Mohammad Shah Bakhsh, 20, (from ward 5), and Hayatullah Nikzehi, 26, (Pakistani citizen present in ward 3 of prison), are three prisoners who were accused in a case.

The detainees are accused of participating in an armed conflict with the police, where a police officer was killed. These prisoners deny agency in the killing of the officer, but in addition to the case which has security charges, they have been charged with a murder in another case.

They have been detained since 25 months ago. Two of them, including Ismail Shah Bakhsh and Hayatullah Nikzehi, were shot and injured at the time of arrest.

Also, on November 7, 2017, another prisoner named Abdul-waset Dahani, 25, was notified that he had been sentenced to death in Zahedan prison according to the verdict of branch one of revolutionary court in Zahedan headed by Judge Mousavi.