4 Musicians Arrested in Tehran

Posted on: 11th August, 2016
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Ali Mobin

HRANA News Agency – Ali Mobin, Arash Kamyab, Shahab Sharifi and Milad Yazdi, four musicians were arrested in Eastern Tehran, with “insulting manner” by the police, on Saturday July 24. On the other hand their families have no information about them at all.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ali Mobin, Arash Kamyab, Shahab Sharifi and Milad Yazdi were arrested in Narmak, in Eastern Tehran, by plain clothes agents and were taken to an unknown location.

A close source to these artists by announcing that their arrest was with “violence”, told HRANA’s reporter: “Their audio-visual equipment and musical instruments are also confiscated and by were taken away in vans.”

The source also said: “There is no information available regarding their status and whereabouts, and their families after going to Tehran Security Police did not yield any results.”

It should be noted that there is no news regarding the status of the other 8 people of Tehran who were active in providing music clips and were arrested in Tehran in June.

A close source to their families told HRANA’s reporter: “The relatives have expressed their concerns about their fate. Although the General Prosecutor of Tehran and General and Revolutionary Public Prosecutor’s Office, had said that their case was being treated at the office prosecutor of culture and media, but their status remains unclear.”4-mosighidan

Over the last years and particularly in recent months, pressures and restrictions on artists and producers of art works in Iran have increased and in addition to cancellation and disturbing a large number of music concerts, even legal ones, a whole range of artists, poets and singers have been summoned, threatened and arrested.