The 71st Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

Posted on: 13th July, 2017
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  • The 71st Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published
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Peace Line Monthly

HRANA News Agency – The seventy-first issue of the Khate Solh (Peace Line) magazine was published.

In the specific case of this issue of Khate Solh with the title of “women’s role in Iranian cinema”, women’s status in the cinema of the country, and legal-social status in the implementation of human rights have been studied.

In this regard, discussions have taken place with Bahman Maghsoudlou filmmaker, film critic and researcher. Bahman Maghsoudlou has recently completed his documentary, “Razor’s edge: Legacy of Iranian actress”, which addresses the difficult situation of women in Iranian cinema. The film includes interviews with the first women in Iranian cinema and considers their problems and their combat.

In this issue there is a discussion, based on the status of women, femininity and saving identity in the works of Nilofar Beizai, with this exiled artist who is among theater directors and playwrights.

Dialogue with Parto Nooriala, researcher, poet and literary critic, and with Mohammad Tangestani, poet and journalist, are parts of the “Special case”.

A look at the union activities of teachers in the past year, the International Day of awareness of mines and acting against mines, evaluating the development project off the coast of Makran in Baluchistan, the importance of awareness and information about human rights and the right to abortion are the other issues which have been dealt with in the external parts of the “Special case”.

The seventy-first issue of the Khate Solh has other articles and notes written by Reza Alijani, Mohammad Habibi, Mostafa Azizi, Ali Ajami, Jinoos Nazok Kar, Habibullah Sarbazi, Andisheh Jafari, Zahra Bagheri Shad, Eisa Bazyar, Sina Kiani and a number of other civil society activists and human rights defenders.