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Ahmadreza Jalali on Hunger Strike in Ward 240 of Evin Prison

Posted on: 2nd August, 2017
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Ahmadreza Jalali

HRANA News Agency – Ahmadreza Jalali, an Iranian-Swedish researcher and doctor who has been detained with security charges, since last year, has been transferred to ward 240 of Evin Prison when he declared that he was on hunger strike. The following is the conversation with Ms. Najibeh Mortazavi, Ahmadreza Jalali’s mother, in which she explains Mr. Jalali’s physical condition and violation of this prisoner’s rights and his latest legal status.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ahmadreza Jalali’s family is worried about this prisoner’s condition.

Mr. Jalali, who is still in an undecided condition in prison had been threatened with death penalty in one of his trials.

This university lecturer has gone on hunger strike to protest his case condition and was transferred to ward 240 of Evin prison, at the same time. His condition is still the same as before.

Mrs. Najibeh Mortazavi, Ahmadreza Jalali’s mother, in an interview with HRANA’s reporter said: “I am Najibeh Mortazavi, mother of Ahmadreza Jalali, my son has been held in Evin prison for 11 months and 10 days, and so far he has not had any court trial. My son has gone on hunger strike since December 26, in protest at the injustice and oppression. He is detained with the accusation of collaborating with the enemy, while no evidence was found and interrogators by holding him in solitary confinement and threatening him with execution and harm to his family, forced him to sign false documents, and the judge has threatened him with execution, and told him ‘you have to change your lawyer otherwise we will choose one for you.’”

Mrs. Mortazavi said: “My son’s life is in danger. As a result of a hunger strike he faces death any moment. But in the face of these atrocities, I will not be silent.

Every fifteen days we have a twenty-minute-long visit and once a week for ten minutes we talk on the phone. His physical condition is very serious. His weigh has decreased to 54 kg. He has had a big weight lost. Every one to two days once he gets join serum. He was not taken to a hospital. I do not know why they are so cruel to my son. So that, I and his family are just waiting for the news of his death”.

The 75-year-lod mother has to travel a long distance to keep track of her child’s case, from her city to Tehran. She told HRANA’s reporter: “When I deliver my letters somewhere, they do not have a welcoming behavior with me. His judge insulted me and moved me out of his room. This was about two months ago that they said he would be tried the day after, but still after two months they have done nothing. I am a 75-year-old ill mother, who looks forward to seeing her son and I cry day and night. Each time I have to travel for 10 – 11 hours from Azerbaijani region to Tehran and wandering in the streets. I told them ‘give me an answer even because of this stick that I am using and make a decision about my son.’ My son has been oppressed by this judge, a lot.

Once he had been taken to ward 240 and there was no bathroom and no toilets. Whenever they wanted, they took him to the toilet. However, almost twenty days ago, he was transferred to solitary confinement in ward 209 where it has bathroom and toilet”.

This elderly mother added: “My son’s demand is to be tried with his own lawyer. The reason is, from the beginning his lawyer has read his case and knows everything about his case, but now, they say he has to change his lawyer, and that’s why he does not go to the court.”

“My request is to fix the false accusations of Ahmadreza, and injustice in his case and have a fair trial in the presence of his lawyer, which is his demand as well”. She concluded

It should be noted that Ahmadreza Jalali (borne on January 14, 1971) professor and researcher at the Research Center for Crisis Management of Europe, a researcher at Karolinska University, author of numerous books and reference articles and graduated in crisis management Postdoc at the University of Pie Monto, Italy, was living in Sweden until he was arrested.

Ahmadreza Jalali who had traveled to Iran on an invitation by Tehran University and Shiraz University to participate in crisis management workshops, was arrested by the Minstry of Intelligence agents, in April 2016, and for seven months was held in solitary confinement. The professor has been charged with espionage.

This is the link of this conversation:  https://youtu.be/eufgU2U1HRU